A40 around gypsy corner, both ways

A van and a pick up truck collided, van smashed across the middle partition, so its affecting both ways.

By the look of it, I don’t think it’ll go back to normal until tomorrow.

If you guys thought that car yesterday was bad…:frowning:

Yeah, traffic backed up Westbound right back to the paddington slip road onto the raised section of the A40…

Hope it’s clear by tomorrow!

Glad I had the day off and didn’t have to come down there today. It’s been accident city along that bit of the A40 over the last week. Worst I saw last week was a van that had obviously failed to stop in time and collected the three cars in front of him forcing the closure of two lanes w/b on the approach to Gypsy corner. Be careful out there!

I believe the politically correct term is ‘travelling corner’ :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Just come back via Hanger Lane, seems clear now.

But tomorrow is another day so who knows what will happen next!

Unforgiven - you’re right, the A40 has been a bloody nightmare lately going in and out of London. Gypsy corner is a bad drivers paradise heading eastbound anyway so there’s bound to be accidents there on a regular basis, and indeed there are. Most inconvenient.

Also there has recently been a bunch of those pesky migrant types hanging about at the lights on gypsy corner and pestering people by ‘cleaning’ windscreens. I know they are trying to make a living but it’s a right pain in the arse trying to filter when they’re running around between the lanes hassling drivers for cash…

LOL @ Serrisan

thats my new favourite game, ‘hit the gypsy’ :laugh:

Ahhh OK did wonder what the powers were that they have beyond number-plate recognition and a picture of the driver being captured.



sorry ‘honey’, what the hell do you that mean?