Riding in this morning and decided to go into work for 9 and saw lots of cop cars. Slowed down but opened up when away from the cops and there was a convoy of bikes going fast. Ended up the rider in the back of the bunch got pulled this morning and the rest of us, including myself made a sharpish exit.

Wonder if they got my plates?? Anyways, watch out, seems to be high police presence at the moment.

Whereabouts was this BTW?

Just after the passing the turnoff for Roehampton and then going under the bridge and upto the speed camera where the dual carriage way becomes single.

We had filtered past the van way before the lights of the turning for Roehampton so he floored it to catch up to us.

They often hang out there… start easing off under the tunnel usually helps! :slight_smile:

Yeah they had a proper speed trap there earlier this week (see my other thread), so I was curious to know if it was the same place.

Doesn’t really say much for Gatso effectiveness if they have to go and do hand-held traps in the same place… :wink: