A3 Robin Hood / Roehampton area

Seen a lot of Traf Pol around here recently and last night got pulled by a solo traff plod whilst ‘making progress’ towards Wandsworth.

I got a proper ‘telling off’ from the bloke - he really wasn’t a happy bunny at all. It was a full 5 minutes slating that made me feel like a 5 year old as he reeled off a list of offenses from speeding to intimidating other road users and generally riding like a knobber. I have to say that on reflection he was right and I was lucky he told me to get lost - he suggested I should shoot myself in the head as it would be safer for everyone else around me rather than ride on the road as the result would be the same.

He then kept a distant eye on me from there until Clapham, kept passing me and doubling back - most disturbing as he was tucking himself in behind traffic.

I must admit I was lazy last night by not keeping a good eye behind me so it must have wound him up that I wasn’t aware of him.

So ride like I did last night and they’ll have you here - they are waiting!

Naughty boy!