A3 Closure

The A3 is closed between A244 and A2309 - this came into our work office e-mail at lunchtime

Unfortunately it looks like sad news as a guy jumped off a bridge and died, then a biker crashed into the attending ambulance and also died… :frowning:


The article makes the closure sound historical but we haven’t been sent another e-mail to update us. In any case, if you can avoid… Northbound is open but not southbound

Pr!ck should have just used a razor blade.

been a terible day to be on the A3 today. the media havent mentioned this but there was also another biker down northbound (just before robyn hood corner after the esso on the left)

an guy on an integra scooter that ive seen a few times was on the deck and the scooter was quite far ahead.

a3 was fine this afternoon 17:30

It is very sad, don’t get me wrong but if you can’t spot a parked huge VAN painted in yellow, bike should not be necessarily you choice of travel.


^^^^ that is so easy to say, and of course we’re all frickin experts!

but you weren’t there so you don’t know!

RIP both.

the poor soul who felt so bad he felt the need to take his life and the motorcyclist who has had such a tragic accident.

GWS to the fella on the scooter, hope things aren’t too bad for him.

As I said it is very sad and I feel sorry for them.


Very bad and sad day on the A3 although the Robin Hood biker wasn’t very seriously hurt but was taken to St George’s. The A3 was closed at Clapham High Street in both directions at 8am this morning due to a three car accident. I am not sure why the police closed the road from Clapham Common to Stockwell for over two hours when there were only two minor injuries and no one went to hospital.

I was on Clapham high street just as the accident happened yesterday, I’m amazed they shut that entire stretch of road for what lookede like a pretty minor shunt. There was a simple diversion via back streets that took you round it in 30 seconds and back out just the other side.

SO you must has passed me as I was getting ready to leave for work…

Although regarding the earlier posts, I agree with Dan. If he was going to end his life, then he should have done it on his own time. Not making it an attention seeking exercise and making the whole country stare.

Not when the diversion was blocked by coaches that could not make the tight bend. When I got out the tailback whet past Stockwell gridlocking Stockwell Gyratory causing legal access to the A3 to be impossible.