A3 - Again West Hill towards wandsworth.

Noticed that the camera past the underpass opposite the neuro hospital is being upgraded to the new type. The taller post is in place waiting for the little evil b*stard to be installed!

is that what it is? I noticed that today TBH.

Is that gunna be forwards facing?

To be fair , that is a dangerous road, especially on a clear night, you’ve got a 3 lane dragstrip suddenly hitting single residential street, I have to say that camera normally slows my filtering to 30 quite well

ot sure yet but I suspect it will be rear facing like the other new ones - DO you know Morden Road A24? near the TRam stop - it will be just like them.

Its the right place for a camera and no one could call it a revenue generator.

aint seen the one on the A24?

Some camera’s are well placed, that one on the A3 will be

Don’t suppose anyone remembers that bad smash last year at the bit off the A3 where it goes to 2 lanes and 50mph about 5 miles into London off the M25

Car full of twats doing about 120 they reckon shot through camera and wiped out a car, put it on its roof then run off, the A3 was closed for about 3 hours, I was at the front of the Q on my bike, bad smash

I remember that one.

The camera is at:


This one is a dual site with a camera in both directions…