A243 Chessington - Hook

Our buds in Blue have for the past 2 nights been out with the hairdrier on the A243/A3 Junction zapping vehicles heading towards the A3. In addtion to this the Camera outside Chessington World of Adventures has been turned… you have been warned

Spotted there 23:40 on Thursday 09.08.07 & 22:45 on 10.08.07

Just to add to this, I came off at this junction this morning. The camera van is parked well out of view if you are driving down the A3. They set up the cameras on tripods on the bridge overlooking the A3 so it is impossible to see the van sat behind the tree line. I think the cameras are only forward facing so no problem on the bike, just be careful if you are in the car. You will not see them! I have seen this set up a couple of times now. It seems they do not want their van to be clearly visible, so you would not be able to slow down in time should you see them. It is obviously easier to collect revenue… I mean reduce speeding this way

It is the Painshill turnoff if you are going towards Cobham, Byfleet, Weybridge or Brooklands Motor Museum.

Also the previous exit if you are going up towards Esher I have seen them parked on the grass verge. There is a huge flashing sign saying 30 just before you get to the spot, so you have been warned!

Also watch out for a bright metallic green Saab New shape round the same Cobham/Weybridge Junction and a Dark Blue 5 series Beemer( not the new shape) between Raynes Park/Worcester Park section of the A3