A23 Brixton Road Bus Lane Fine

Hi all

I have just got home from Brands GP to find a nice brown envelope from TFL on my doorstep. It would appear that I have been fined for riding in the bus lane northbound along Brixton Road between Brixton and Kennington. Now as far as I’m aware that is part of the trial scheme and I have been riding along there for the past 3 years. Have I just been lucky for 3 years or have they got this one wrong. I’m not at work this week so I’m unable to check the signs, so can someone confirm whether or not, the bus lane along that stretch of road is available to motorcyclists along the entire length. I’m really pi55ed off with this, and it has ruined my day. :angry:

Any help you can give would be most appreciated.



I commute down the A23 through Brixton and Kennington and as far as I was aware bikes are only able to use the bus lane up to the traffic lights where the A23 crosses Camberwell New Road and the A3. Once you have joined Kennington Park Road and then turn left back onto the A23 then bus lanes are out of bounds again.


Do they not say exactly where you were seen in the bus lane? Brixton to Kennington involves loads of sections of bus lane. They must know exactly which bit they saw you in.

If they do, I may have a chance to have a peep down there tomorrow and will def be down that way all weekend working. Let us know if you want me to have a look at an exact spot.

Go Baz, Go! :smiley:

Just a quick note to say thanks for the offer Trojan, but thankfully I managed to contact Tfl today and get the fine revoked. A big relief because I hate loosing money… :cool:

Anyway for anyone who is unsure on which Bus Lanes they can and can’t use I managed to find this, which saved me…


For the record, the A4 coming out of central Reading towards London allows bikes in the bus lane - saved us about 20 minutes this afternoon that did!

It must be an old document. It doesn’t mention the coulsdon bye pass bus lane…