A22 towards east grinstead

section starting from junction with a23, bike coppers each side 40 limit (people can easly reach 100 on that long straight before next traffic light)
also dark cloud of thick smoke coming from burning building, i think that was on the news but they’re still trying to put it off so very hard on us bikers to go through that.

also at junction with a25 going south, chipping until next roundabout again very fast section of road be aware, saw another biker down last week before they actually put a sign up ‘no road markings’, again no mention of chipping but its absolutely covered.


Ah ha the famous A22, Bad memories for me. I remember Aeroplaning my Busa down this stretch of road. Won’t go into detail but it involved a Badger and a flat bed lorry on the hard shoulder which had the bed tilting downwards unloading traffic cones.

100 in a 40 zone!? No wonder the cops are staking it out.

I always thought the A23 & 22 ran parallel about 10 miles apart, do they meet up at some point then?

its a junction, right you turn for the a23, straight you go to the a22.

and yes its a long stretch and you can easly do high speeds as no cameras are present.

coppers do watch out but never seen them actually staking it so thats what went on that day.

btw, there is no reason why it should be a 40 zone, only fields on the side.

don’t say you’ve never done that before

100 on a straight line?


but i have done 150 trying to keep up with my friend on his R1, that was mind blowing :smiley: