A22 - speed trap

On the way back from Box this afternoon, I got pulled by a speed trap on the A22. Luckily was only doing 42 in a 30, so got away with a slapped wrist and being shown some pics of what could happen to me if I come off doing “less than 45”. Another guy on a Beemer trailie got pulled in just behind me, same sorta speed. They seem to be being pretty hot.

This is where the police were hanging out:

The roads approaching Purley are all pretty nasty accident wise so it is no surprise for the patrols to be out. Good to hear you got off with just a telling off. Suggests that some people are doing much more than 42 along that stretch - and you have a charming smile!

Hard to see through a lid, though, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was out and about in Camber Sands today… loads of “accident blackspot” signs, with pics of bikers on em. Looks like the plod’s being mobilised through out Kent and Sussex, which is good news in some ways, indeed :slight_smile: