A205 Upper Richmond Road

how can anyone go down that road every day is beyond me they must have a lot of patience (thats me not even mentioning Richmond itself ) on the bike it’s not as bad but f*cking dangerous, a while back i was using that road to get to hampton and almost become severely paranoid and stressed, however now that i’ve moved i have to use it again…or do i? i dont quite see why car drivers are so into this route, i’m not going to mention what route i did today and anyway anyone with a bit of wit and who knows where i’m coming from and where i’m going would know which roads i took…and guess what? traffic was no where near as bad as A205 one road in particular looked almost deserted…i didn’t even have the need to filter all that much mainly due to me not knowing the road…and most of it was bloody scenic too…:smiley: oh well…yes people please continue to use A205…it suits me just fine

duly noted