A20 - getting a new surface

Just to let you all know and i dont know how it affects many, but the A20 is slowly being retarmaced (if thats the right word) they’ve done the roundabout (Maplin and land of Leather). but have started to do the north and south bound roads as well now.
So just be careful coming into the roundabout.

Oh and fresh white lines!

Cheers for that.

I use that route everyday.

Glad you used the word slowly…jeeze that’s taking a lifetime

cheers I will avoided it for while

Thats tround the corner from me, thanks.As a matter of interest how long is the surface usually slippery for after resurfacing?

Having ridden it a few times now, it seems they have done a damn good job :slight_smile:

Thers a load of shell grip gone down on the approach to the round about too…

Just out of interest, whats the best way to report Bad quality surfacing or dangerously uneven load surfaces? I know of the TFL 24 hr line, but is there a general highways agency one?

the surface maybe good but had a scarey moment sliding today on all the crap and rubbish that collects on the edges. Far too much but maybe i’d come round just before the sweeper van had done it’s thing…