A2 blackwall Tunnel

Just received this

New “undercover” Speed Cameras which were introduced a few weeks ago on the A12 are going ‘live’ on Monday!

We have had a tip-off from the BTST Locator update team that small ‘specs’ cameras have been sited both north and south of the Blackwall tunnel on the A12 in London.

The cameras have been sited in a deliberate speeding hotspot (because the limit reduces to 30 very suddenly without any advance warning) and the fine has been raised from the usual £60, to £100 per offence.

But here is the really unusual thing…

They have NOT installed signs warning drivers of this speed trap.


Because they are NOT be going to be hitting drivers with a licence endorsement as you would usually expect…

… They are just going to take our hard-earned cash instead!

This is just the latest case of blatant profiteering from the countries “safety camera” partnerships.

Our information tells us that these new cameras are going ‘live’ from Monday (12th February).

The speed limit for the tunnel is 30 mph northbound and 40 mph southbound.

If you already own a BTST Locator, then I strongly suggest you update it NOW before the cameras go live.