A13 westbound chaos this morning - what the hell was happening????

any ideas?

A13 Newham Way Canning Town, westbound between A112 Prince Regent Lane and A1011 Manor Road

A13 London - A13 Newham Way in Canning Town closed and severe delays westbound between the A112 Prince Regent Lane junction and Canning Town Flyover, because of accident investigation work. Diversion in operation - via Prince Regent Lane. Travel time is around 60 minutes. Congestion to the Marsh Way junction.


see that’s the joy of a bike, despite the detour I still got to work on time, just! if I was in the car I would still be on the A13. Fun ride this morning.

Did you get stuck in the pack of bikers behind a blue unmarked cop car? Wht the F didn’t he move his ass? I had to jump off the bike and wheel the damn thing along the path to get round him…

Nope, thankfully not, I had to do some creative filtering this morning but that was about all.

Biker down.

Any more details on the statement Rusty?

Anyway, car-park from Rainham and diversion through Excel and Royal Victoria… It was not bad, shame some drivers still was blocking because they have to see or they have to send text/tweet.


I saw this carnage this morning at 7.57am going Eastbound, it looked bad, debris everywhere. I hope it wasnt a biker.

Yeah I feared as much. They are obviously doing a full investigation. Sad.

Real shame, hope its no one we know

Yep, was pretty mental this morning. Dunno why, but I took a diversion north, all the way to Stratford then back in on Mile End Rd… I don’t know the route through Silvertown so well. Still, only took me an extra 10-15 mins to get in. :slight_smile:



From what one of our tipper drivers told me the guy on the bike was limping along suffering some kind of breakdown then a mobile crane came down the slip and went straight over the top of him/her.

Sorry can’t say any more, I am sure you can understand why.

I am sure the true account will eventually be released, Chinese whispers at the moment.

According to this, the guy is in hospital in a stable condition…

Not trying to step over any lines - just updating thread based on a news item…


I know Rusty99 but as I’m every day there is nice to know what to avoid (I know, cars but sometimes its hard)
Sad story Numnum.


Not a biker down from what I see on Twitter. More info here -


As I said, Chinese whispers… I was there.
Glad to read that he is stable.