A13 crash this morning

I managed to stuff my 01 R6 into the side of a Peugeot this morning, then got dragged down the road by it looking at the bike self destruct in slow motion. Not sure if the guy on the CBR who stopped posts here, but if so, thanks for your help getting the bike out of the road. Also thanks to anyone who saw me standing on the central reservation and asked if I was OK.

I will rebuild it!


Hey hope you are okay. Sounds scary

Glad your ok mate and in good spirit about rebuilding it!

Glad to hear you are ok…

Ouch! … Sorry to hear that … glad you’re okay though!

Glad you’re OK mate, and upbeat about it!

Cheers everyone, one of those things…

Damage is mainly cosmetic, need a new r/h bar assembly and engine cover before I can get it started again.

Just glad I walked away.

Eeesh, glad to see you are OK.

Ouch, glad you are okay if not your fault you should contact rss or me for advise.

Glad you are ok…

glad to hear you safe… the a13 can be a nightmare…

think of all the new things you can put on the bike…


You weren’t there when i came through this morning otherwise i would have stopped. Glad to hear that you are ok and reasonably upbeat about it all.

glad ur alright, dont like riding the a13 myself…

Blimey 17-in-87, glad you’re okay! As the others say, glad you’re also upbeat about it. Post up if you need any help at all…

Glad ure ok mate where abouts on th a13 waa it…

Lucky escape by the sounds of it, glad you got away unscathed, i guess you were kitted out in full protective gear.

Wearing Hein Gericke textiles and boots, Alpinestars SP2 gloves and an AGV lid.

Textiles got away with some scuffing, all the rest seems OK.

Oh, and it was just before the limehouse link, going into London.

Glad your ok mate hope you get the bike sorted soon

Unlucky make glad your okay, you live to race another day

New trousers please!

Sh1t, glad you’re OK. That’s what counts!