A13 average speed cams

They front facing so does it mean we can get away with it?

I also wondered this the other day. I think it is to take images of the drivers

Yes, but I know an even better way of getting away with it…

I reckon they’ll also try and get the number plate in, too :slight_smile: All joking aside, even if the front facing cameras can’t pick up your plate/face, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that enquiries may be made if you’re recorded driving dangerously, or repeatedly breaking the speed limits.

There is an av speed check (50mph) on the m3 - no one seems to take it that seriously - not even the cagers - most sail through at 60/70 regulalry.

Usually I just dodge in beside a truck or van, or look straight down/away from the camera or accidentally steam up my visor so they can’t get a clear picture. Only cos I’m worried about being dazzled by the flash of course, not that I would ever exceed the limit.

Has anyone on a bike actually been fined by an average speed camera?

The checkers also do searches on who owns a red CBF 600 and lives nearby or cross check old photos for matching clothing etc. To them it’s a game. To us it’s £60 and three points.

well, there is only one way to find out :0)

who told you that ???

nothing to do with the a13 but the front facing average speed cameras

i want more info on the spec’s cameras as there is a average speed limit near me on a great bit of road (fields either side and the odd farm turning) which is now a 40 limit :pinch:

the only thing that bothers me is it’s double solid white lines and the possibility of the opposite lane recording your plate if your a regular on the route…also if they could do you for 2 offences at once speeding and crossing the double whites :Whistling:

Pmsl…this thread has had me in stitches! :laugh:
You lot are a overly worried bunch of berks…who think far to much about big brother is watching you…
my hubby uses the A13 every night, into and out of london, the average speed camera’s go from 50mph to 40, then back to 50 in certain sections, he drives at a constant 55-60mph over the total length from london/commercial road, to the raised section A13/dagenham, where the camera’s cease, he also drives a BLOODY BIG VAN with a well known companies name plastered all over it, in vibrant orange, has he recieved a ticket in the time since these camera’s were installed, NO, and he has a number plate on the front unlike the bikes

sure, if you ride like a nutter constantly on the same stretch of road, your likely to get noticed, not by the camera’s, but by plod,other users getting pi$$ed off with you and reporting you,
if the camera is forward facing, they are not going to check that your wearing the jumper you got last christmas, or those yellow socks,

now don’t get me/him started on the limehouse link, where is people’s mentality, most drivers/riders will speed up, then slow down, speed up, then slow down, for normal road camera’s, yet put them in a tunnel and dickheads panic and drive/ride at a constant 30mph:crazy:

there’s lines painted on the floor, thus they can only record speeds in those sections, 50mph in unpainted areas, minimum
he’s also been flashed twice by 2 camera’s in same night,in same direction, at same time in the link, and never heard a thing, doing 65 in a van.
So as long as you ride relativley normal who is gonna give a ****…:Wow:

Front facing Ave speed cameras don’t detect bikes at the moment, They also advised that on Bike safe.

Not sure they work as I’m on the M1 twice a week and cars flay past me and I do a steady 55 in the cage.

Bikers taking the mickey have been hunted down



So if you are going to speed past them, do it nicely.

I think you’d really have to be taking the piss to have them track you down.

If you speed through there at 90mph on one wheel every day at 8am on your bright purple custom sportsbike then you might want to think about moderating your riding.

thanks for that,

it’s just my mate got a ticket (car) doing 62mph on A13 so it got me thinking

I thought they never worked because my mate is always thrashing his car through the bit after the canary wharf tunnel to the A406 bit.

I normally just presume they work when I’m driving around - my insurance already sky high

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i ride the a13 everyday and i only slow down for suspect vehicles… namely the ones that bluestar drives :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Kishan, what you doing in Southampton :smiley:

http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/News/newsresults/General-news/2009/August/aug2709-bikers-caught-by-front-facing-cameras/ last picture