The A12 is an absolute death trap at night in the rain!

I very rarely go down this road anyway but on the way back from Bow i went down the A12, it was about half 10 in the evening and pissing down with rain and had my girlfriend on the back.

Somewhere near homerton you go under this bridge which is on a bend, just as you start to go round the bend (and i think when you exit it) there is this thick (what looked like metal) flat grate style thing, because of the rain it was bloody slippery and I felt the back tyre do a bit of a ive lost grip oh no ive got grip again thing. Seems like a very dangerous place to put such a thing! Not only that the amount of manhole covers on that road is unreal!

this is very true, i think its where you come off from the old ford slip road isnt it?

Yup road surface is crap there. Potholed too. Speed cam on exit of bend.

That’s the Hackney Wick junction. If you keep to Lane 1, for just the apex if nothing else, you’ll find the surface is fine.

Only recently have they fixed a leak under there too, nice and wet, just where you don’t need it most! And if those bushes grow anymore that camera will disappear!!!

there was a fatal crash in the rain there last year involving a bike…

many a time there has been flowing water across the carriageway.

Was down there today (Hackney to Redbridge) and there were quite a few police patrols out and i saw 2 cars stopped so beware the cops are out!

Also there’s a navy blue unmarked BMW 5 Series Estate that does the rounds along the A12.
Be Aware. :slight_smile: