A12 You have been warned


as it says unmarked cars

this shouldn’t affect anything London side of the A12 is Essex Police not the Met

get caught don’t blame me its not just mobiles either its anything

We took a chance today.

A12 Colchester to Wanstead fumbling around for Bertie Bassetts most delicious Liquorice Allsorts. Most distracting, especially when you’re after grabbing all your favourites

How we got away with it I’ll never know :ermm:

I did see a plain car sitting in the layby at jut ion 14 on my way home Friday night
Naturally I was riding so good I impressed myself

Got this from ec


And spoke to one of stb mrs wise comrades
Motorcyclists on the radar
Can’t for the life of me think why

Duely noted. Best behaviour to follow. :smiley: