A12 this morning

Was on the A12 this morning in the cage going to pick some stuff up from Saffron Walden. At 0915 I hit the back end of traffic just North of the Bow flyover. Half an hour later I got to the Olympic site where the Police had closed the road in both directions. Another 40 minutes of solid traffic and we got back on the A12 at the Green Man roundabout. The radio said the closure was due to a “Police incident” and northbound was likely to be closed all day (untrue as the road was open in both directions at 4pm). So what was it that closed all four lanes?

we were sitting at the front of that going south bound, a black car crashed into the centre reservasion of the road and ended up at the other side of the road, even i could not tell what car it was it was that bad.

Thanks for that - at least I now know my day wasn’t ruined by anything trivial!

yeah me and steve saw this accident, we rode past on the other side, looked pretty nasty

Ahh, explains it. I was southbound on the Blackwall Tunnel approach about 11:00 and the northbound was at a standstill all the way up. Then there was a mangled cage northbound on the M25/A2 interchange and huge queues running way back down the M25. South was good today :slight_smile:

looked like a new shape astra or a seat…

luckily i was southbound coming from Essex/High Beach

A12 east way slip road towards redbridge MCP(multiple car pile up ) one deffinate fatality poss more. Close at 0900am re-open at 1300pm

not good.

not good at all.