A12 lane closed causing bottleneck

The A12 was packed up starting from Redbridge Roundabout. Apparently someone decided it was clever to close one of the lanes forcing traffic into 1 lane and causing a nasty bottleneck. This was at 6:30 no idea how it is at later times. I will assume it will be like this or worse when the Olympic lanes restrictions will start… oh also they have the Olympic lanes signs up now like for Bus lanes. All together my journey was about 20 minutes longer.

Some great traffic shots there…

Went through there at around 7.45/8 am… it was a fecking nightmare!!!

I foolishly thought, ok, games lane, we can deal with that… and then some moron put a permanant lane devider in!! WTF!!!

If this morning was a taster of the next few weeks, its gonna be chuffin hell!!!

Yup! I join from greenman roundabout. I went screaming round from hollybush lane to stay in front of a couple of cars who’d put their foot down this morning. Then found myself braking sharply as the traffic appeared after the cattle grid joining the A12. Later almost got sideswiped by a car swerving suddenly to avoid where the Olympic lane starts after the last tunnel - watch for this before Wednesday… Usually this is a low incident route as there’s so much space. The games lane was mostly empty for quite a way at ~8AM.

And the final straw is indeed losing the lane by the olympic park… fecking genius… So A12 will be like this until the end of the games as you say. And consider the traffic is lighter due to school hols have started now.

Time to avoid the A12 and hit the old roads methinks.

They really have considered those that use these roads to get to work as second class citizens! So much of the “info” from TFL is about avoid the area during the games… :angry:

i think people are gonna get very very pissed off with all this olympic bollox, waste of time, funny how they can plough money into it yet cant fix the countrys other problems.

I am wondering if I can go left from Redbridge via Wanstead and then through Stratford… cross the bow flyover. Tomorrow I will try that and see how it is.

Fun, wasn’t it? A taste of things to come. :angry:

By the way, there’s another one at the north side of Tower Bridge, at the lights at the end of Mansell Street, normally two lanes but now there’s one of those barriers in the left lane, only the right hand lane can be used to go south across the bridge.

I come off A406 before the M11 and right at Charlie Browns all the way through to Greenman r/about where I join the A12. But am now thinking how to avoid the A12 completely…

Just been discussing this at work and [email protected] convinced to try A13 instead of cut through Leyton etc.

They have resurfaced a lot of roads as part of this olympics malarkey!!! We must look nice for the visitors! … even though no one will see the roads coz they’ll be covered in traffic and moving so slowly…

My concern is, at the moment, it’s your usual commuter driver. They know how to behave themselves (usually), they know to look before lane changing, their aware of bikers…

But you wait until its visitors, who aren’t used to London roads and bikers filtering… :crying:

Don’t be insane.

That will take your right past the Olympic Site. I expect the Bow flyover and the entire one way system through Stratford will be the worst of all places.

Damn… so any suggestions? The A13? Please share your secret roads. What about Ilford and Romford Road?

Agreed, not left, better to think about going right, away from Stratford, hit the A10 somewhere and come down that way or through Hackney. Let’s face it, there isn’t going to be a good solution, just least bad if you can find it. I have a week’s leave and am negotiating working from home, the benefits of an IT job, but I’m not going to manage to avoid it all.

I’ve changed my working pattern so that I should only be going into town one day a week, but reading this lot makes me think even that’s not a good idea.

Last week I tried out my alternative route to Westminster, and it went like this:

Join M11 at J5 as usual

Stay on A406 over the Redbridge Flyover and continue down to A13

Follow A13 to Rotherhithe Tunnel and then cross Thames.

Down to Elephant & Castle, then past IWM

Cross back over Lambeth Bridge (Westminster Br will be closed northbound).

If anyone gives this a go before Thursday, let me know how it goes…

And more…


Was much better (for bikes anyway) this morning. Although, the single lane over the “Olympic” flyer over will still continue to be a problem, especially when the crowds come.

Went to Bow interchange and down towards commercial street by the Ibis hotel, then over to old street. Winner!

Anybody else see that geezer at Gants hill sitting next to road, all cut up covered in claret!!.. wtf. Look like he’d gone at himself with a Stanley knife. GF was being restrained by two coppers, screaming her head off! urrghh.

Didn’t see that but saw a biker down just after the Bow Flyover… eysterday.

Traffic isn’t any better today it started back at Newbury Park station, at redbridge its eemed to be free so I twist the throttle and as soon as I get into the tunnel bang I had to slam on the brakes due to the traffic. I think I will work from home…

Just thought, that’s exactly what happened to me. So, was that you on the GSXR in front of me then? Silver VTEC, black gear with hi-vis vest, silver hat?

I reckon I was tailing you on the way home last night - Respro/Revit high vis, no backpack?

Could well have been me. It’s an Icon mesh vest but yes, doesn’t look like a standard one. Only use a backpack when it won’t all go in the tankbag!

Awsome. I noticed as I want a VFR next, black or red though.

Me: Black Bandit, semi fared, red/white & black Shoei lid, high vis and black backpack.

Thumbs up next time.