A10 Gt Cambridge Rd. Just south of M25

Between the 1st and 2nd set of traffic lights south of the M25, with the long 40 limit and the GATSO that only faces one way (and switches every few weeks).

Going North, you accelerate away from the lights hit 80 and then spot the green fluoro jacket hiding behind the tree in the far distance. The tree is the last one by the last exit from the left before the Gatso and just after a bus stop. Brake hard to 40 and as you pass the Police will give you a High-4. They clocked you but are using a hairdryer-camera that is front facing. There’s usually nobody with them taking numbers. And I reckon they’re working right on the distance limit for a hand held laser. 2 of us have now had the “high-4” treatment with no NIP.

Same, same going south but the hairdryer-police are south of the Gatso. They seem to like 10-11am going south and 3pm-4pm going north. Traffic’s light enough that it’s all speeding, but still daylight hours with no overtime. Once rush hour really hits it’s all stationary anyway.

But today going south, 2pm I saw a Police bike giving an R1 owner a talking to on the north side. And coming home at 4:30 a traffic BMW estate doing the same to a hot hatch.

Everyone, but everyone does 80 in this stretch of 40 and can see which way the Gatso is facing from miles away. They’ve had the rubber speed check equipment out for a while. and I think it was all getting a bit blatant. I also think there’s been a couple of fatals nearby.[1]
Time to take another route or slow down a bit till they get bored.

[1]Further south, still on the A10, corner of the roundway where there’s a new traffic light. Somebody was murdered with a shotgun (possibly an elderly Turk judging by the flowers and picture) and the witness signs are out. Good grief. That’s a bit OTT.

If you ride south from Bullsmore Lane lights you will see a tree on the left near the GATSO camera which is festooned with flowers and balloons. There was a fatal car accident there a few weeks ago where a teenage girl lost her life.

A little way further south, past the next set of lights (Carterhatch Lane) was the spot where a guy on an R6 was killed a couple of months ago.

I think Dibble have quite a good reason for a bit of a clamp down in this particular area at the moment.

Shame you don’t do as much research on this as bike parking;)

That’s my neck of the woods, and the A10 is certainly a nice straight dual carriage way that encourages a bit of speeding!! Yes the GATSO’s are easily spotted and everyone slows down for them so never really see what the point is - everyone nails it straight after them and 70-80mph is certainly not unusual.

Agree with CM, the amount of flowers regularly along the stretch between the M25 and A406 indicates just how often there is a faitality and therefore good to see the police presence. Weekends are a nightmare with sheer numbers of cars on the road, and seemingly more idiots driving who don’t understand the basics of the highway code. Lost count of the number of times I’ve almost been taken out in the Car by people pulling across two lanes or jumping the lights where roads crosses the A10.

By the way the flowers near Wood Green was for an “apparently” drug dealing young Turkish guy who was shot infront of his 5yr old kid by guy on a bike.


FYI i’ve had a a play with a police speed/laser gun, they are spot on, and i was AMAZED at the distance it can pick up a vechiles speed at, over 3-400 yards!

For what’s a pretty simple road all the way between the M25 and N Circ, it’s amazing just how many sets of flowers there are by the side of the road. One thing to watch out for late at night is the packs of hot hatchbacks that meet up at the Enfield McDonalds and then cruise round the area. They can get quite random with their lane changes and speed. I wonder if there’s a connection there. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I used to commute down there and back every day and I was often coming home late at night. I’ve only once had any close shaves and that was a big flatbed SUV changing lanes straight into me while I was filtering at night. A bruised knee and more scratches on the Burgman but otherwise everybody survived.

Which reminds me. Just after Church St going north. I’m pushing on a bit and overtaking a car and an R1 comes past me doing 30mph more and inches away. No gloves, bomber jacket and trainers. It’s all a bit embarrassing when it’s you that thinks SMIDSY. My mirrors are pretty good and I use them but I was probably paying more attention to the car I was overtaking and there definitely hadn’t been a bike behind me moments before. Oh well, I guess the spirit of LC lives on.

I grew up near there (Palmers Green), and remember alot of nasty accidents on that stretch of the A10 (before and since the M25 was built). Alot of wanna be racers (both cagers and bikers) use it as a drag strip. If you wanna ride like that, go to a track (North Weald Airfield do open drag days twice a year) but if you want to run the risk of killing yourself or somebody else, carry on being a knob. I just hope its not me you take out when you loose control! I’m with the rozzers on this one. Oh and not EVERYBODY drives/rides at 80mph down that stretch of road.