A1 Licence

My GF needs (as i keep telling her) to get a motorcycle license (at the moment is only has a CBT) but as she only rides the scooter she would only need an A license.

A2 seems abit expensive so was thinking of the A1 type license but cant find any info on prices

anyone know of any place in West London that does A1 license test (not A2) and would this be cheaper than A2?

Technically, she doesn’t need a school if she has her own machine and is competent riding it and knows how to ride on the test she can just book the theory and the practicle and just turn up.

Most schools will do training for a person who has their own machine and just wants a day or so to polish up before a test, but most will expect the theory to already be passed. Just phone any of the schools and ask them. The cost will depend on how many days they think she will need to get up to test standard and they may want to spend a couple of hours with her to assess that.