A Wet Frith Street !

Lovely night it was until it started to Rain !!

A nice touching night at Blackheath and Sidcup then onto Frith.

Thanks to AbbeyJ for keeping me company down south and then on the ride to Frith … even though she took the mickey non stop … top laugh as always.

Too many names to mention but it was a pleasure to meet Lustfish for the first time, the usual Friday night faces were out too, bar a few due to France and Ibiza !

Saw Macp with Dickie … … long story but the screaming women made me chuckle. Hope you’re efforts in locating the lost party went ok ? Let me know mate.

On the way home I got peeped after a set of lights by another biker, was wondering what I’d done or who it was until I saw Mello grinning underneath the lid, pulled in and had a quick natter with him. then it was home.

Am home now and as usual I’ve drank too much bloody (but nice) coffee and I’m wide awake !

Catch ya all again soon.

Nice one mate!

I’ve PM’d you re the lost party but all is cool there! Sorry I sloped off for a bit - but it was nice to chat with some people until the screming women turned up!

Night was good but drenched going off searching and then drenched going off home!

Top night!

And AJ you can’t spend a journey chatting at the lights and then just saying you never heard a word…that’s just rude…

Lustfish a pleasure as always and of course to Wigs - good to see you mate - nice haircut!

M9performance made an appearance as did Rictus and others however top prize to RizlaSV she was due in France and had a 4:00am start but there she was chatting away until way after 10PM!