A way to fix congestion in London...

I been thinking about this one for awhile, and taking note each morning, when I ride in rush hour, and I have drawn the conclusion that doing just one simple thing will bring about a massive change to the amount of congestion in London between 6am-10am and 4pm-8pm.

1, Ban Lorries during that 8 hour period.

There is no good reason for that many lorries to be on London’s roads that early in the morning. Deliver after 10am.

I would enforce it like this, massive fine for the company about £2,000 plus £200 fine for the driver and 3 points on the Managing Directors driving licence…not the lorry driver’s licence, the Managing Director of the Company’s licence.

I think everyone would see an improved drive/ride to work.

To be honest im not sure banning lorry’s @ set hours is fair i work in the construction industry & we use a timed delivery method for all delivery’s throughout the day and if they was banned in the above hours it would add to cost & make logistics extremely hard to organise

the true solution would be infrastructure that’s includes both public transport & fixing potholes blah blah blah

Have I got this right

The idea is to ban the traffic that causes the congestion during the congested hours :ermm:

Doesn’t that just shift the congested hours to outside of your commute time frame :wink:

Or how about allowing cars with more than one occupant to use bus lanes?

What I really don’t understand is rubbish collection vans… I mean they really have to get the one van on the road that is slower than others and stops every 5 metres, with men walking around it at the precise time all of London/ UK tried to get to work and school?

I’m also in favour of banning parents driving their kids to school… I mean just look at half term how empty the roads are.

a safe, reliable school bus service would make a huge difference

I concur with banning the trucks. would reduce the amount of cyclist deaths too.

and the potholes need fixing, perhaps there wouldn’t be so many if there were less trucks.


Have you not noticed how much easier your commute is during the school holidays! :slight_smile:

if drivers were executed for doing stupid things it would help.


does your “doing stupid things” include turning left onto a cyclist?

If you are all okay with higher prices for stuff then ban the lorrys during morning and afternoon , but without those hours available they will need to do it at night , and nightshifts always cost more and then the complaint will be the amount of noise at night from all the trucks while people are trying to sleep . Company I work for already do use the night , trucks run 24hours from various yards and they still need all day too , and they still can’t get everything everyone want’s moved when they want it moved . The trick to ending the congestion is stop wanting things and buying stuff .

and at how overweight and unfit the children are

Stop the government monopoly on road planning.

Open road building and planning up to the free market, look at Disney land roads, best in the world, no government intrusion.

It’s simple, monopolies, government or otherwise deliver poor service.

it depends who the cyclist is.

I’m thinking you are joking, but in case you’re serious it is a hell of a lot different building roads in Disneyland (because you start with a huge empty piece of land, control where people are entering and leave and you can decide where they need to go whilst on the property).

It took you a while to come up with that???

Lorries are big and take up lots of road space - but they serve a purpose, they are delivering things…

4x4s on the other hand. Ban those knobheads from London 24-7. :stuck_out_tongue:


that would make a huge difference …during holidays the roads are empty. There is no reason we cant have a school bus system or god forbid maybe they could actually walk or ride to school!

the trick would be a return to the old ways of railway freight. If a truck only had to carry stuff from a station at night instead of from another county, they could be more flexible.