A wannabe!

Hellooo All,

I enjoyed great rides last year thanks to an old boyfriend… Yes you guessed it I was a passenger!

I love the whole experience of being on the back of a good bike and I deceided to come out of the car and begin riding a Vespa… quite an adventures soul, I know

Anyway, I want to say cheers to everyone here and I hope to meet some of you gentle beings very soon either at the Ace or Cabana Cafe

Hello Mimi, and welcome to LB from another Vespista! Beep beep!

Welcome to LB my dear, enjoy it.

Hello Mimi, welcome to LB, and biking! Hope to see you at Cubana tonight.

welcome to LB, sometimes i have an empty seat


In more ways than one, you’re one person short of a two-up…

Thanks for the welcome guys…

Poor flatout, can’t you keep it up mate- err, I mean the the bike of course

Thats it…hes off now …no shutting him up with this one !!!

welcome to LB


Welcome to LB…


Looking forward to a good laugh with all you gals and boys but sadly I can’t come tonite to Cabana cuz am with my son. Can make it next wednesday though and very much looking forward to seeing you there.

Is anyone going from West London, Ealing end?

i can keep it up, i got a repatation round here, all be it a bad one

Hello mimi and welcome…

Welcome to you - its a very friendly site you’ll enjoy

Hi and welcome, enjoy!

Hello and Welcome, I come from Hayes so possible i can make a slight detour

“I love the whole experience of being on the back of a good bike…”

Me too, but dont tell the wife!

Ello mimi, welcome to LB

Hi Trisckie,

I will be on your way on the A40 I think. Would love to meet up and maybe go together. Are you going to the ACE before Wednesday by any chance?

Wow, Your bike looks great!

Welcome 2 LB

Serves me right for moving away from Ealing…

Welcome to LB Mimi, we’ve a decent scooter possy led by the Queen of Chelsea and all things scooter shaped, Paivi. So you shouldn’t worry about feeling intimidated by the boys on our big toys.

You should worry about any invitations from Flatout to play with (or on) his big toy though. Just a tip