A Wallpaper I Just Made...

I’ve been playing around with some designs for some things we’re trying to do, and I got carried away and came up with this. It’s 1920x1200 in size, so probably not for most peoples screens, but I can resize it down to your size if there’s people interested…

Link to full-size version below.

Edit: I’ve done more regular sizes for others to use, links below.



not bad :stuck_out_tongue:

My misses wouldn`t let me put that wallpaper up in the front room.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe :slight_smile: New sizes above…

Very nice Jay!!

looks good jay

looks cool, like an embroidery, nice one Jay!

very nice jay, looks good…

That is superb. Nice job.

I’ve tried it on a few different monitors and on most it’s WAY too dark. I’ll update it later…

its too dark on mine, jay should give me one of his monitors to use

God you’re lucky, I found time in my busy schedule to sip a third beer and alter the wallpapers. All links now have a lightened version.

Knowing my luck, I’ll get to work and find it’s still too dark, heh.

very nice… will be going on my work comp once i go in! cheers

one has pride of place on my MAC desktop at work:P

Ow, thanks :slight_smile:

no worries man, it looks good plus i can stil see all my servers on the desktop clear as day! :smiley:

Not bad!

I’d like to have a go at doing an LB wallpaper.
Any chance of the LB logo vectors Jay?


brilliant idea! i’ll have a go to, im not too bad with photoshop…:slight_smile: