A Very Happy Mothers Day

A Very Happy Mothers Day to all LB Mums!:kiss:

bu gger, I knewe there was something i should have done on friday…sent mum a card…will be in trouble now…

Thank you Sneaky… Marks sitting here with an unwritten card for me trying to decide whether to write it or save it for next year (and yeah I’m like his mother) :smiley: Sure the kids will be around later with their cards too.

We will have to go and hunt an anti blue rinse pub for lunch today :laugh:

Thought I’d redeemed myself this morning by calling mum to wish her a happy mothers day… Then I realised that it was only 8am and that she wasn’t the happiest bunny to be woken up at that time on a sunday! :stuck_out_tongue:

Live and learn! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Awwww…Thanks for that all i bloody got was a bunch of daffs(knicked from the field steve was ferretting yesterday)and a card that was actually made of paper:w00t:

Supose i should’nt moan…they better make it upto me when they’ve got jobs and have left home;)

Apparently someone half inched some daff’s from off The BCR roundabout this morning, blinking cheek…we were’aving them!:angry: