A true Newbie

Hello LB’s!

I’m new to this site and new to biking as well. I’ve been riding for about 3 weeks now and lovin it. I got my bike (a vespa et4 125, aka the beast) to save some cash commuting as i’ve now got a hefty mortgage. It was gonna be a temporary thing but i’ve got the bug big time and it looks like the 2 wheels are here to stay! (thinking about taking a direct access course to get me a big boys bike) Trouble is, after looking at other posts it looks like there aren’t many fellow scooter riders around. Give us a shout if there are!


hello Big D and welcome…loads of scooters on here

but also loads of big bikes to make your mouth water and want one

Welcome Big D

As Salee says there’s all sorts of bikes on here, some cleaner than others though

Wasssup D!

Mate, glad you’ve joined the club… Am sure you’ll encounter many biking experiences that are on par or even surpass your drifting, er i mean driving experience…

Catch up at a meet soon brother…


Welcome, D, and have a friendly POKE with the newbie stick just to make you feel at home.

I’m sure you’ll find other scooterists, or scooterers, or whatever you call yourselves, saying hello.

And I know what you mean about the bug biting hard - a couple of months ago I’d only ever been pillion three times, now I’ve got my proper licence and I have to prise myself off the bike to get into the car for the school taxi duties.

welcome to the site!


welcome to lb! we have a newbie night tommorrow at the ace cafe, feel free to join us!

Thanks for the invite but i work crazy shifts. I will definately get down there at some point tho, some of the guys who got me into bikes are regulars so i’ll tag along when i get the chance

Hey Big D, welcome to LB, and biking! You’ll like it here…

Hi and welcome aboard.

I ride a Nexus which some scooter riders dont think its a scooter but i do.

Hello Big D.

I ride a Piaggio X9 maxiscooter.

It has two wheels and an engine (as well as all the other bits).That’s what counts!

Hi Big D.

I’m another scooter rider, with a couple of X9’s. I too started using a scooter for commuting, but now find I’m touring all my spare time! Don’t forget to pop into the Popes Grotto if shifts permit.

hello mate .got a new scooter,welcome

Hello and welcome…

Welcome to LB’s Big D

Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Good to hear from other scooter riders, although haven’t seen any other Vespa owners. I’m gonna do my best to get to a meet soon (work & house moving permitting).

Once again, Cheers!!

Welcome Poke im Da Artist catch you around some time

welcome LB

Yo… BIG D… welcome to Londonbikers fella…