A True Hero



Do it all the time… something about the people in epsom and their mirrors… :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here I do it all the time as well.

I’d like to think if he/she/it drove past me again then they would see me out of that mirror.

Fucking brilliant.

Rofl, awesome video.

a previous biker prob folded the mirror in as he wasnt using it :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe he folded it in at a push of a button for bikes to filter past but then he never bothered pressing the button again to unfold them… :Whistling:

Oooh, or maybe he folded it especially for this biker to get past! :wink:

was thinking the same :Wow:

lol, I did this before after the motorcycle in front of me bent a van’s mirror back. Nice things do happen on the mean streets of london :wink:


(though the old video has been removed :P)


SOME white van men are courteous too and move over for bikes, even fold their mirrors in :smiley: I make sure I say thanks to all vehicles that move over :cool:

nah, that previous biker would have smashed it off before thrashing the bonnet of said offending wheel with a s0d heavy CityBlack chain that left a very clear and completely unmistakable message in the drivers mind, along with a visual reminder of his stupidity and egotistical approach to driving safely on the roads with “other road users”…

He probably would have wanted to smash all the windows in, deflate the tyres too, and set fire to the tosser whilst he was still inside the car… but his Doctor had explained that that sort of thing was going a bit far and that maybe it was time to up the dosage… :wink:

think i saw that the other day :w00t:

If you pause the video the moment the he gives the driver a thumbs up, you can see that there is no mirror.

:doze:… Like it… lol :Whistling: