A ton you say???


Apologies if it’s been done before any of you errr more senior members recognise yourselves?

Thanks:) That took me back.

How good this is video?! Fantastic. And finally an explanation for the 59 club.

Great find Arthurmo :smiley:

The 59 still exists in East London but it’s a bit arthritic these days - well all of the committee are in their 70’s and a mobility scooter is the transport of choice now.

Therefore I don’t think it attracts any active members under 60 - if any.

People apply to join and get a membership number - but that’s only to say they are a member and get the badge - they never visit the clubhouse (which is only open at certain times and seems to run as a private drinking den for the long established members,

Of course the Yanks love it and Brad from Pittsburgh joins so he can have a sticker on his Thruxton…

…but the whole thing is a pale shadow of what once was…and the committee only seem interested in getting member money - I suggested more rideouts (in fact I don’t think they do them at all - only Christmas lunches/parties.

The big problem is they all seem to be Victor Meldrews very comfortable with the way things are who will not change anything to update the club.

Have you seen the tent they have at the Ace sometimes - not only are they all 70+ but they all seem to be 20 stone plus as well!

The 59 was set up as an active m/c club with ride outs , IOM TT visits - even a diving club attached. Now the commitee sit around drinking thier pints and struggling to get their arses out of the chair they’re that old and fat.

Maybe there are some dynamic ones, but I’ve never seen them…

Sad really :crying:

Back in the day the only way to join the 59 Club was to roll up on a motorcycle, rider or pillion it didn’t matter. Some wannabe desperados would just turn up carrying a crash helmet pay their dues and disappear into the night on public transport with a coveted 59 Badge.

I think Membership cost something like 12/6 which was 10 Bob for the membership card which you had to have to get your hands on the much sort after badge, a proper snip at Half a Crown.

When the British motorcycle industry employed 70,000 people turning out 100,000 bikes a year…