a time and place

some of you may be aware of this tale, maybe getting a jail scentance would have saved his life???


That’s bad for our ‘couse’ Flatout! Now the authorities will hang on it to get harder on us!

it should serve as a warning you cant go flatout everywhere you go we all no people that ride too fast too much i myself dont, i ride for the pleasure but i do play sometimes but not everytime. I was let off speeding last year 110 mph on the 25 i could have been fooked but he shouted and let me go i take that as warning maybe this matey should have too???

Bloody hell. I’ve been known to have a quick ride at times, but that’s just mental, though all too easy on todays sports bikes. As Cezar says, it damages our cause. Good job he didn’t kill anyone else at the time.

The witness quotes are well funny!

yeah, but they are funnier with a welsh accent boyo

Witness quote: “He had to be travelling at more than 100mph. The bike was squealing - he was travelling too fast.” WTF does that mean?!!

100mph on a GSXR1000 is so easy though and without seeing the road its impossible to judge how nuts it was. Speed is all about time, place and a calculated risk. He clearly got that equation wrong. RIP

Poor kid has no dad now.

last time he got banned and the judge avoided the jail scentance as he didnt want to leace the kid with no one to provide for him sadly ironic now isnt it maybe the scentance would have made him think different ???

Wow…that is just terrible, particularly for his child.

Speed/Thrill addiction is REAL…but man, you’ve gotta be able to think more clearly than putting yourself in a position where you wind up running up the back of another vehicle at 100 mph+.


Sad news.

This has us all thinking now, but the next time we go out ‘nice sunny day/evening/early morning’ I bet the majority of us won’t be remembering this post. 98% of us speed else we wouldn’t buy sports bikes. - I guess we just need to be sensible when we do correct time/place easier said than done IMO.


Theres is no sport without risk I guess. Its always in your hands how far you take it, Rip to the fella.

Bloody hell, makes you sit up and think!!! as has already been said, we all speed, but there is a time and a place…
That poor child and family left behindR.I.P

lol 100mph is all too easy on a 600 as well, I tend to look out for side streets and other cars mainly, if the road is clear and there arn’t any side roads then I will have a bit of fun. But its just picking the right time and place, even then its still a big risk.

Everyone knows its dangerous but it is quite addictive. When people say save it for the track its not always posible when its £60-£150ish plus £200 for tires.

Its all luck of the draw really.

My heart goes out to his family.

Kev, I dont beleive for one minute that you stop opening the throttle at a ton on your 600, I don’t and mines older then yours.

I have always believed that if you ride like a knob all the time it will catch up with you… You can;t ride like that around other traffic, it’s not just your life that yo’re dealing with…

I’m all for a bit of speed, early Sunday mornings on the 413, not a car in sight, you do what you do and if you **** up it’s only you that ends up dead… But people, not on busy roads please, not only is it stupid, it selfish…

Hopefully his son will reap the wisdom his dad never did…