Hi guy’s ive been nosing around here for a while thought i’d better Say hi!

As i’ve seen quite a few of you at frith street on fridays but Havent the guts to boldly walk over and introduce myself…I ride a Hornet 250 and live down in sunny Tilbury where i spend my day’s mending and altering biker’s clothing and recovering bike seats etc…in my workshop at the end of my garden

Oh it’s a hard life…

How do you manage? LoL

Welcome and get comfy. And watch for a crazed girl with a stick, she’ll be along any minute.

Hey WASP, welcome to LB! We’re a friendly bunch, don’t worry, come and say hi if we don’t come and say hi first. Also, come along to Cubana, our Wednesday evening meet. The details are in the General Chat forum. Also, post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures forum!

Seat covers, that’s interesting, I’ve thought about having a suade seat cover for a while.

Welcome to LB, its great here - except all the poking with sticks!!

thinks aloud: actualy i quite like being poked with a stick

welcome matey!

Hello and welcome to LB mate.

Welcome to LB!

Do you do any custom work? Panniers and such?
Only theres a guy in another area of the forum after getting a one off set made.

Welcome to LB mate don’t listen to sean077410 he loved getting poked really now its your turn …Poke poke POKE

AJ oh AJ poke this newbie real hard, one newbie thining it tickles this week is more than I can take

Hiya Charlie luvvie! Yes i spend time on here(just don’t tell other nestee’s)lol

You’ll have to guide me to the cabana one wednesday night so i can meet you all…

And yes i make panniers as well as repairing leather’s, in fact if you have idea’s on leather items or anything that need’s stitching just drop me a line…i is the lady who can!

let me first say

welcome to LB!!!

poke poke with the newbie stick…



secondly please ignore some of the OLDER members - they just jealous cos they never got poked

Welcome young sir - I’ll have a pint thanks!


I is a lady!

I work in Tilbury docks every day and commute on this bike

every day there from Greenwich and back, you’ve probably heard my loud pipes running past at some stage. Welcome to LB and if you can catch me on the fly one of these days wave and say hi, I only stop for pies and damsels in distress… mind you.

I do agree, AbbeyJ but you did beg me to poke you nuff times… u was gagging for it

welcome to the site

Charlie… surely you remember france we was getting silly with the absynth!! not WINE!!

Yes ive heard those loud pipes and seen you bombing onto asdas roundabout outside the docks mr moto

Yep that was me allright, next time wave me to stop, i’ll try my best

you can meet me at the asda roundabout tomorrow evening at 5:30 and i’ll take you there if you want WASP. let me know

Damn…got to much work to do today doubt i’ll be able to make tonight,but next week is a big maybe!

So who’s gatecrashing the swarm with charlie an Jamie on the 4/5/6 august???

hi wasp im in grays u going to cubana tonight

Welcome to LB Wasp