a thought regarding st george run

Just a thought Why dont you peeps that are coming on the LB st george ride who want to meet up with other people from different areas or dont know where the ace is do a seperate post in genral chatter as its getting lost at the bottom of the ride out post. Get your plans done and dusted this week and work out who your meeting and where and at what time that way you have it all sorted before its too late as its two weeks sunday make your seperate arrangements and be at the ace by 8:15, 8:30 latest, remember to park on the oppisite side to the ace, (see 1st post on the original topic for info and get your lunch options in) a message to the slower runners 125s and alikes i dont mind riding with you from the ace to the diner so you dont get lost so no worries there, no one gets left behind!!! but we need to be away from the ace by dead on 9am, so get it sorted ASAP then any straglers that sign up over this and next week can just be invited to any of the meet points that are happening AND MORE IMPORTANTLY GET YOUR ST GEORGE FLAGS OR I WILL LET YOUR TYRES DOWN

Good call flatout

Nice call mate.

Remember, prolly only take about half hour to get to deep mill from ace.

Nother reminder.

As am gonna operate cornerman system, will nominate sweeper on the day or volunteer.

As said before will go thru this system with u all on the day.

Have made a couple of minor changes to route, in esscence remains same, will do fotocopy for everyone and hand them out at deep mill. Nobody gets lost on one of my runs.:

Aint it coming round quick? Can’t wait.

i cant wait i dont mind volountering but see wat the crack is nearer the day

I am a bit busy that day (packing for holiday then going into London) but as your more or less circling my house in Oxford I’d love to catch up with you somewhere along the route. Where are your stop off points, having lunch etc? (sorry just being lazy by not trawling the whole thread for it)


Nice one Flatout. Can’t bloody wait! Most likely leaving from Hammersmith to get to the Ace ourselves.

thought i was in trouble then for bumping but if it goes to the next page it wont be seen…


FYI :slight_smile: I’ll be heading down from St Albans to the Ace for 8am so that I can have a bite to eat - I know it would be easier for me to meet everyone at the main meeting point but I’m not going to miss a chance for an Ace breakfast!

So if those of you that want to - I’ll see you at 8am and then we’ll leave at 9am for the run up to the meeting point.


Don’t know weaver, will pop in there sumtime this week n ask.

Keep yawll posted.