A thought on safety..

So last weekend, I do my Black Forest High Road ritual and stop at the usual garage after coming off the mountains to decompress, get a coffee and fuel up. Wind up having a chat with the lad behind the register, and mention to him I just saw a rider in the twisties picking his smashed up R6 out of the weeds.

“You get a lot of accidents round here?”, I ask.

“Yeah mate, 3 fatalities just on the weekend before last.”

I mean … WTF :w00t: !

It’s not like it isn’t obvious because there are LARGE SIGNS of a motorcycle leaving the road every 2 miles that say “Crashing Danger – 7 kilometres”. “Crashing Danger - 5 kilometres”. Huge, massive red and white arrows. Turns getting progressively more tricky. It’s not like it’s sneaking up on you.

I like having a laugh too sometimes, is it just that I have a better judgement for when it’s appropriate and when it’s not than some other riders? Or have I just been damn lucky so far?

If things keep going as they are on the BFHR, I expect the government to step in and do what they have done in other parts of Germany – Ban motorcycles on the road during weekends. A classic example of a minority of dumb people messing up the fun for the reasonable majority.

So, do your bit, every one of you, not to become a statistic! :cool:

I agree.

There are too many of us killing ourselves like this - we need to take stock and turn it down just a bit - save the really fast stuff for the track.

Use the road for perfecting your line, braking, throttle position etc - but at relatively safe speeds - then crank it up at the track.

Not only is it terrible for the relatives involved - but it means we get noticed by the legislators - they will bring in bhp limits and other punitive legislation.

It’s the same every summer - so sad hearing of people getting killed - your own speeds go up as well and you ask yourself the question - will I make it through this summer.

Such a beautiful time of year to be alive - lets all try and make sure we stay that way - alive. :wink: