A Taste of Kansas....in London?!

What the hell is all this about? I would NEVER have thought that London would be in any danger from a tornado.




Debris strewn all over the Railtracks and some Roof Tiles took out some Train Windows was the initial Internal Reports here !!

False alarm, it was just me trying to get to the Ducati showroom in time for the unveiling of the new 1098, on my gixxer.

Damn hooligan!!


Seriously, though…it’s fortunate no one was killed.

(And bring back some pictures of the new Ducati Jay…only one dealer here in Wichita carries Ducatis…I’ll have to call and see if they plan on getting one in.)

I was sat on the A406 at Bowes Road when it rolled through.

Thunder, Lightning, rain and a flooded North Circ!

The end is near… maybe

It must of been the end of a perfect ‘blokes day’ !!!

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Big deal, east london has been looking like it was hit by a Tornado for years…

It was very windy today as i was going on the M25, i was blown around like a rag doll and not very nice, but the same again tomorrow so to all please take care out there.