A suggestion

For those of is living and working in the suburbs / sticks - getting to BMM is a pain and not much fun as a drive…

So, what if you were to rotate the weekly meets - say 1st Wed was at BMM, 2nd at the Ace, 3rd at the Box, 4th at Oakdene.

Possible that more people might come? Especially those of us who don’t live/work within easy access of central London.

Maybe you could do it for a month and see if it works? Maybe it’s been tried? Just a thought.

I thought Wends is BM, Fri was Ace, and Sat Boxhill? :wink:

Who’s gonna remember where the meet is and when, way too confusing. You could always follow the example of members in Herts and have a local meet. There was one once a month on a Tuesday if I remember correctly. Also, a lot of people who don’t work in Cental London meet at the Ace on a Wednesday as it’s more convenient for them.

This is Londonbikers so a central london meet is pretty sensible really :slight_smile: Personally I think the ‘official’ meet should be kept as is and if any unofficial meets take place on different nights, fair play :slight_smile:

That’s new to me, when did this start up?

+1 And you say your not a newbie:D

not really an LB meet more a meet where you bump into a few LBers :wink:

This is a good suggestion, however, logistically it will be very hard work. Furthermore the organisers at London Bikers have had to work hard to secure Borough Market as a location, any location will be a compromise and Borough Market is a good one.

I never met any LB down there. I go quite regularly.

As the name suggests, this is LondonBikers, hence the Borough Market weekly meet. I understand that its not the easiest place for people to get to but it is solely a meet placefor London Bikers. As has been mentioned there are other venues that you can meet LB members such as the Ace or Oakdene and even Boxhill (sometimes). That and the logistics of remembering which venue was the correct one to go to on any particular week would be horrendous.

Nice thoughts though and keep them coming in.

Maybe you know another venue in London that might be better for us to look at that will embrace bikers turning up that has facilities that we can use, such as toilets, coffee shop and places to get food, not to mention parking. If so then drop us a line and we can look into it.

We all hide when we see you coming :PActually, I’ve never seen anyone there either :frowning:

Anyone fancy meeting there this Sat (assuming it’s not raining)?

Iver seen a few faces down Box Hill but then again im not a newbie :hehe: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Knew there was a reason i didn’t see anyone. I can’t make Saturday as will be in Bath.

I normally ever go to box on a sunday…

Washing your hair??