a special thankyou...

this is just a quick thankyou, to all the c0ck sucking, sh1t eating boils on the arse of humanity that got us kicked off leciester square tonight. we have been going there for months, had the cops on side, and all was well untill a group of fcuking brainless cnuts decided they couldnt keep there tiny c0cks inside there trousers and preceded to bounce bikes off the rev limitersm and pull burnouts outside the mcdonalds (in the middle of huge crowds). i am not some old **** having a whinge, im in my 20’s, i race, i have a modded bike with a loud pipe, i wheelie and i speed. but you fcukers have managed to compleaty balls up a sorted location. you should have all been drowned at birth. **** YOU. **** YOU VERY MUCH

well said…

i was a bit pissed at it all too, wished i had made the rideout tug and tel were doing.

Shame you didn’t mate, we had a right royal blast, maybe next time huh???

yeah defo, left work at 8? met up with jedi, flew to ace, just as we pulled up i was low on fuel, spotted lusty waving me over to teh group, but i didnt wanna hold you lot up plus i as had riz(cbc) waiting for me at ace.argh!! next time man defo,need to ride more!!:smiley:

Sorry, to hear about the immature behavior which should have happened in a car park south of Dover, rather than a very public place like Leicester Square.

yup, we all like laugh and a good tear up, but…as said some of the antics, in the west end of all places are not on, its easier to keep teh peace, thus enableing it to be a meeting spot, plus there was a small police presence in front of all the antics…well it does us(bikers) no favours.

im not 100% on the parking rules there, but when its mainly an LB/CBC presence its always well behaved crowd, damn we even had the old bill laughing with us and at us numerous times without any mention of parking rules jsut parking with common sense,doubt we will get back there now.

Damn Matt, that sucks. There’s always one :frowning:

There’s always a thin line between looking after ourselves as a group and keeping the fun.

Name & Shame :angry:

That way not all LBers get tarred with the same brush :blink:

These absolute clowns have managed to mess up Chelsea Bridge, Frith street and now Leicester Square.

It may not be the same people but it is the same idiots that just don’t think. They will however be blaming everyone else for this (the council cctv - which completely covers that area and is linked in to the Police control rooms - and the police for moving them).

idiots ! nothing more to say…

What a bunch of idiots, doubt they’ll let bikes park up there now. Not the safest of places to do burnouts and stuff either, too many people about. Oh well, better get searching for another meet poin now!!

What a bunch of idiots, doubt they’ll let bikes park up there now. Not the safest of places to do burnouts and stuff either, too many people about. Oh well, better get searching for another meet poin now!!

I pulled up there about 1030pm and was going to stop but did’nt recognise a soul there!!

Theres always one that ruins it for the rest!

+1 :angry:

name and shame cos is it gonna come to the point where people on here fancy a meet up it is gonna be done secretly by pm etc after showing interest on thread.

which it should not be like.

there were about 80 bikes there. I’ve only been an LB’er and going to Swiss Court for a while now, but I didn’t recognise any of them.

Perhaps, but in order for friends and members of LB to get together socially in an LB/ biker friendly environment, a sacrifice might have to be made.

It seems to me that the difference between the Sq and the other LB meeting places is the public presence/ popularity of the location.
Can another similar location be found which won’t be eventually ‘invaded’?

never got to go there with any LB’ers and now i dont know if i will :frowning:

I think this one’s a dead duck

Shame :frowning:

It was never gona last after the last few weeks with the huge presence of bikes there. When we arrive after poppins, there was about 30bikes there already, and i didnt recognise any of them! They were the ones causing the trouble, and when the police asked everyone to leave and they revved more, and proceeded to do more burnouts, it pissed the police off even more to the point they were ready to start arresting people!