A special spark plug that sends fuel into the carbs on a FI bike

I was riding back from work today, cruising along through battersea when this Suzuki intruder (I think it was) pulled up next to me…

I said, “hey, you need to take the baffles out! It’s far too quiet!”

He replied and said,
“I can’t, I’ve got a 1800 head on, it’s not the original. That’s why it’s so quiet…
It’s got a special fuel injection system that takes fuel from the exhaust back into the CARBS for the fuel injection.
It works like a quiet turbo charger”

I said… "REAAAALLLY? :blink: " (with that same face)

He said… “Yup! Look… It’s a special spark plug that goes into the exhaust it feeds fuel into the carbs which the fuel injection turns into turbo…”

At this point I debated…
Do I question him and ask if its a normal sensor in the exhaust or ask him where he found this info out?
I decided it would probably be better to punch him in the face very hard! For being such a tool!

But the lights went green and he rode off, il get him next time… :Wow:

if you see him again tell him about the forum, i want to hear more about his “mods” :stuck_out_tongue:

Flip me???

Ignites fuel after it’s passed the exhaust valve ??? Only thing I can see he gets from that are flame jets out of his can or HUGE backfires…

Why am I only finding this out AFTER the drag racing weekend !!!:laugh:

Sounds like this rider is another crackpot inventor. We need more of them

Or just a deluded cruiser riding moron :blink:

Sounds like exhaust gas recycling. Very common in fuel injected car engines. My 1998 Mondeo and every car since had it.

Main purpose is warming the fuel before it enters the combustion chamber which leads to more efficient burning when the engine is cold. It also helps reduce emissions and fuel consumption when cruising. There are parents for motorcycle applications of the technology.

I suspect the ‘sparkplug’ in the exhaust is actually the lambda sensor for the FI.

ok, so how does said ignited fuel pressure return to the cylinders?
or is that an obvious question and I look like a tit for asking it?.. genuinely interested…

Yes probably a lambda sensor. As for how EGR works, the engine simply has as series of pipes carrying gas back to the cylinders, and they engine management system operates a series or servo powered valves to control how much gas and when.

I imagine that for motorcycles it is a lot of extra weight and complexity for fuel economy and emission control when neither is a priority for most bike riders.

And ironically one of the technologies being looked at is water injection as that cools the charge, helping to increase power and reduce fuel use. It is being looked at conjuction with diesel petrol engines, which currently destory themselves as the auto ignition of petrol in engines runs extremely hot.

I can see the sense in all that - just struggling to see how this guy thinks a sparkplug and ignition comes into the picture on waste gases? Just wondering if he has got something here or he’s a deluded loon?:crazy:

that’s what I was thinking

+1 Ironically a lot of bikers remove the o2 sensor and buy a blanking diode. I’m given to understand it’s mainly a Euopean emissions concession, detecting the percentage of unburnt fuel and leaning up the mixture to suit. wasn’t making him it faster, he was actually simply conforming to European legislation :laugh:

It was indeed a lambda sensor… I just didn’t now how to question him or what to even question first…

I sat at the lights for a few seconds thinking maybe I fell asleep… Surely nobody is that stupid!

But It definitely happened!