A small poll -

Please join us on lb. - IM just trying to establish new rules for the “get on knee down and pray” crew.:Whistling:


I’ll join in if its on a Sunday. But I can’t get my knee down.

Enjoyed the route from last month a lot.

Always welcome - by the end of the summer you will be valentino!:smiley:

I’d be up for heading out for a spin once it’s warmed up a little. Not really gone for the BM meets as I’m usually working but fancy the odd blast here and there.

Rules? No Heros (gopro or otherwise).

haha i like that Joby. Lets see if i got a bike first!

I know a mate who has a X11 that barely gets used maybe you can use that brush the cob webs off it :grinning:

I have put a lot of time and effort into these.

  1. When approaching a left handed bend, no riding on the right hand lane…

  2. When approaching a roundabout, no riding on the right hand lane

  3. No riding in the right hand lane unless you are overtaking someone

  4. No riding flat out on the straights then come to a set of bends and go around them all at 10mph

  5. No parking bike in field

  6. Leader needs to ride faster

1&3 need some discussion if you ride with me.

It’s okay if you can see around the bend being out on the right, but if you can’t your better to stay in the left lane. I see folks on the knee down go around a blind left bend on the right side lane of the road, surely that can’t be correct.

i just ride in the middle just to be safe. :smiley:

People need to get their Sunday morning passes sorted pronto, no posting why you can’t go (because we already know your missus won’t let you!) no cameras unless your at the back and it’s facing the rear!
James should organise a group discount for brekkie! :stuck_out_tongue:

I love this ride. When the sun comes up on a Sunday and I’m on the road at 7:35 for an 08:00 start heading North I have a mantra, “I’m not going to go fast on the m1, I’m not going to go fast on the m1, I’m not going to…oh Jesus, well at least I’ll be on time.”

What`s the question?

I have to agree with Rusty99…

Points 1 and 3 need to be amended.

You need to check out the “vanishing point” parts in “Motorcycle Road Craft”.

Being on the right when approaching a left bend maximises vision.

Obviously you do not cross double white lines or drive on the right if there is oncoming traffic in the UK.
Also you should ride at a speed that will allow you to stop well within the distance you can see to be clear.
However, if you’ve maximised that distance by correctly applying “vanishing point” tecniques you can ride faster :cool:

Fester’s vanishing point turned out to be the middle of a pond.

LOL!!! :laugh:


  1. No riding or parking in local water features.

Unless you are a postman