A short Jerez video (12mins)

This was the last part of a 30 minute session in group 3 last Sunday.
I just happened to ride in front of “The Profs” camera, and as I never seemed to be in videos I thought I’d post it up.

You know the score, it’s a 06 990Superduke with a “I “heart” my bike” bell on the handlebars.

Note, this was not part of the “Extreme shopping bike” challenge.

Blown away down the straight by a 1098RS (awesome bike) and a R1. The guy on the blade into turn 5 is a ex BSB winner.


What bike was the video guy on, and was he the professional?

Seemed like you were holding tighter more accurate lines through most of that.

Always blown away by the punch that duke has out of the corners. Think I’ll be lowering the gearing for most of the tracks I go to next year :slight_smile:

I think his bike is a GSXR600 and I also think he’s a instructor with FE.

It was his first trip out there and I also suspect he altered his lines to get some better video of me, he seems a nice bloke like that!

That was 16/40 gearing and I can’t really run any shorter than that at any circuit with a meaningful straight. While most bikes have internal ratios that would give 170+ on stock sprockets, the superduke is more like 155.

At work, will view when I’m home.

you’ve been quiet lately…

Do you know some of the FE instructors?

I’m trying to find this instructor that instructed me last year.

Rode his own Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K5. Said he used to race in WSB many years ago. He was a fantastic instructor.

I saw the Prof this morning when I collected the bike. His is a 750.

I also got my lap sheets and it showed I went a bit quicker in the first part of that session while getting to Prof, by not by much, a second to 1.5 seconds a lap.

I know some of them at FE fella.

Don’t suppose you know the guy I mean dude.

Phoned up FE a month or so back. Think the lady on the other end thought I was trying to stalk the guy. She didn’t know who I meant though :frowning:

Was the bike blue and white - was he a northerner?

Yes and yes (I think so).

I pretty much know all the FE bibs and none of them are Ex WSB

Was it a Rizla rep and the Guy was bald called Lee

He may not have been a regular FE employee…He definitely mentioned WSB but he was on about the early years of the series, and his bike was a K5 1000 in standard blue and white Suzuki colours.

Don’t think he was bald either, but I’d say he was in his mid forties possibly with short white hair.

Do you have a picture of Lee?

Would it help if I could tell you the day of the track day?

Real shame I didn’t pin him down for his details.


Harry, the bike matches with Yorick?

By the way, I collected my timing sheets and the quickest lap by transponder timing was 2min 3.4 secs.

Just to get back to the topic - it’s all about ME baby! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your not talking about B are you, he use to instruct for FE 2 years ago and had a gsxr750 k5 in blue and white but is on a blade now not instructing anymore.

Nah mate, but cheers though.

I’ve known B for quite a few years now when he had a GSX-R 750, then Hannespree CBR 600RR.

The guy in question was riding a GSX-R 1000 K5 in blue / white, not the 750.

Maybe I should ask around on Facebook :hehe:


just watched this pete! great stuff! :w00t: