A set of Hein Gericke Bonnie ladies leathers

Well a set of ladies leathers, they are black with white areas.

They were purchased and worn once in the shop and once at home, then never worn again. The girlfriend is now an ex so there is no need to keep the leathers.

Top is size 14 and the trousers are size 12. The jacket has hiprotec armour at shoulders and elbows and the trousers have hiprotec armour at the knees.

Both for £150 ono

Do they zip together?

Am very interested

GP they are the same as the ones I had on for the L-legal ride out (my usual jacket but with the matching trousers) - the only difference is the cream panels where mine are black.

But do they zip together? I quite like em! Just looking for something to do track day in.

Yes they zip together, the trousers don’t have stretch panels like sports ones do though, just the above knee stretchy bit. My jacket survived the off at Cadwell quite well if you want to check it out at BM tomorrow

Already seen it. Looks good.

Boing still available.

Hi are these still available?

Would you split them ?

G/F needs the trousers…

Prefer they go as a pair.

A last boing.

I know it’s probably a long shot but are these still availiable??? Would be very interested if so