a ride with Charlie Boorman

Just found this on another forum.

I won’t be working so will definitely be going - anyone else fancy a starring role?

"Motorcycle adventurer Charley Boorman is planning a new round-the-world journey for TV – and he wants MCN readers to join him on the first leg. By Any Means will take Boorman to Sydney, Australia using transport “appropriate to each country” on the way.

For England he’s chosen a motorcycle and he wants MCN readers to ride with him from Oxfordshire to London. “It’s just to give us a bit of a send-off and have a bit of a laugh,” he said.

Boorman, 41, will undertake his latest journey without Ewan McGregor, his companion from Long Way Down. “Ewan’s off making movies,” he said.

In an exclusive interview with MCN, Boorman assured us that while his adventures my look like long holidays, they are in fact hard work. “I’m really, really lucky to be able to do it but what people don’t realise is there are months and months of planning in the office,” he said. “Then we’re travelling for around 100 days and filming for 100 days and every day I’m moving to another place, to another location. It’s a great job but it’s not just a holiday.” By Any Means will raise money for international children’s charity UNICEF.

Boorman had originally asked riders to gather at the Coventry Transport Museum but plans have now changed. To join him – and be part of the TV show to be aired on BBC2 in the autumn – be at M40 J10 at 8.30am on April 15. The organisers have issed instructions to go through the coach park and meet in the caravan park, postcode OX277RD.

Charley’s last trip, Long Way Down, will be aired on National Geographic in July, including two-and-a-half hours of previously unseen footage.

Exclusive interview? Hardly, we were at the same launch party. There was nothing exclusive about it, barring you had to be on the guest-list :slight_smile: We’ll have some photos up soon for it…