A rich man goes to see the Pope

A wealthy man who has been a devote catholic all his life, wishes to see the pope as a thank you to God for his successful life. He is lucky to be at the front of the crowd where the pope was walking along and blessing people. As the pope is doing this he sees a tramp stops to give particular attention to the down-and-out, blessing him with far more words than anyone else. At first the wealthy man is horrified, but then he realises “of course! The pope blesses the weak, not the strong, he will bless those who need God the most”.
He is still desperate to meet the pope though, so as the bum passes him, he shoves all his money in the hobo’s hands and switches clothes. He had lost a £900 suit, and was now standing in urine stained, uncomfortable clothes, but sure enough, as soon as the Pope saw him, he walked right towards him. The rich man stood proud as the Pope opened his mouth and then said “didn’t I just tell you to f*ck off?”