A reminder to all motorcyclists - overtaking on pedestrian crossing zig-zags is dangerous and illegal !!

Every day on my commute into London I am astounded by the number of motorcyclists (and cyclists) who overtake vehicles on pedestian crossing zig-zag lines.

I should not have to remind anyone that this practice is both dangerous and illegal - stop doing this or some poor pedestrian will get killed or badly injured.

While you are at it - read the highway code as you obviously don’t know the rules of the road - or do you just believe that they only apply to cars trucks and buses ?

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There’s a code!? :w00t:

I assume this is a troll

but just to enlighten you you can overtake on zig zags just not the front vehicle

You MUST NOT overtakethe nearest vehicle to a pedestrian crossing, especially when it has stopped to let pedestrians cross



The Highway Code states

Its The Law ask Triang-Ross he’s the resident LB Pedestrian Crossing guru

NDP: you can check it out here https://www.gov.uk/browse/driving/highway-code

or even buy a copy on Amazon…happy reading

It helps to be well informed to post on here lol.

I have to be these days, always up for a caution but you can keep the paperwork :wink:

There ya go, fixed it for ya.


Every day on my commute I sanctimoniously tar all car drivers with the same myopic, inattentive, slovenly, poor observation, mobile phone using, no indicating, inconsiderate brush. If only they had a forum upon which I could accuse them all of these crimes and satisfy my urge to be a superior, patronising, pietistic, unctuous prig.

Where did he go? I got my popcorn out and everything :crying:

Dunno, but smells like pedestrian to me.


Good point.:slight_smile:

To the OP-are you commuting by bike, bus, bicycle, car or Shanks’s pony?


just so the OP is aware.

why, by motorcycle, of course.

yes there is its called the Daily Mail comments section :slight_smile:

oooh sarcasm and a totally dismissive attitude - my fault - I was forgetting that all bikers are perfect and totally above criticism !!

Whenever I drive on the roads , I make a special effort to “think bike” , make lane space to allow bikers easy passage and am genuinely sympathetic to the obstacles that bikers and cyclists face , so to call me a troll and just resorting to taking the piss just because I drive a car is complete bollocks !!

My point is this - there are many sensible bikers on the roads , but when I stop at pedestrian crossings for people to cross I don not expect bikers and cyclists to come hurling past me while pedestrians are still on the crossing !!

I’m retracting my ‘Hi, welcome to the forum’ post forthwith. Now **** off.