A rarity ?

Riding out of the city today, just filtering along outside of the traffic a Bike cop comes in the oppersite direction…

Then he gives a big nod and a smile…

Question. When was the last time (if ever) that happened to you ?

Hmm something I have noticed more of late - very few riderz giving a nod…something i’ve said

I nod at every rider i see…

i get some strange looks but mainly nods back…

I have had quiet a few police nod to me on bikes before.

What a coincidence, I also had a 2 wheeled copper nodding at me, I had to look behind me to make sure he wasn’t actually nodding at one of his pals behind me, but no one was behind me. fugg me i thought what is the world coming to?

Never had them initiate it! I’ve nodded a few times and got a nod back. Some are too cold though

Had a few biker boyz in blue nod at me on the way to work one morning, they were rushing for breakfast at the Ace

Odd feeling but so much better than getting the usual “Is this your bike sir”

Happened to me a few times, mostly initiated by myself right enough though.

And no, it’s always been off duty nods - I don’t count the ones I get at work !

I always nod and smile at bike coppers.

When I did the Bikesafe course, I found the coppers runnin it were fantastic.

Don’t hvae a problem with policemen, they doing a job like the rest of us. Plus have been very lucky that whenever I have been pulled have always encountered very pleasant policeman. (especially the one who pulled me doing 108mph on the M40 and 11 o’clock at night last winter :blink

I had a nice chat with a 2-wheeled rozzer on the A4 once. He turned to me and said “she’s not going to let you have it is she?” about a chelsea tractor that was blocking filtering. We proceeded to laugh about it and I was probably shouting at him for the duration of the lights because I had earplugs in (off on the M4 next…).

Most of the are kind of too cool or leet but I can understand that.

I’ve had a couple of nods - much to my surprise, but now after doing the BikeSafe course at the Warren, I can see that they are riders like the rest of us, just with more responsibility. I love filtering behind them in traffic though, the Red Sea parts! Makes for a much more stress free ride. I loved it even more when a car driver got the blues and siren when she tried to barge into the traffic. She also got a sharp talking to and was told “LOOK WHERE YOU ARE GOING!!!”