A question

Hello people

i have a question I was wondering if anybody knew the answer too…

Is there a way to stop the general public (thieves in particular) from taking down your plate number and then using it to call the DVLA to then acquire your home address, giving them the exact location of you pride and joy?

I’m thinking of ways around my bikes location being discovered. I live on a quiet road so it would be hard for somebody to follow me without me noticing and then seeing exactly where I put it. Maybe I should register it at a different address with the dvla???

Any thoughts?

Your insurance will be invalidated by registering it one place and keeping it another. No point. You cannot get away with people taking your reg and then finding out where you live. All you can do is have decent security for the bike and keep a weather eye out for scrotes. Sadly in my area scrotes abound, so it is all about having good security.

Understood. Thanks for your reply mate


Your insurance isn’t necessarily invalidated. The former missus import_125 lived in Kingston but had her motor registered at her parent’s house - in Norwich.

She just phoned the insurance company and let them know where it was now being kept at, and that was that! It meant a slight hike in premiums, though - apparently Kingston people crash more often than Norwich people, which I find hard to believe…

well everythings more expensive in london , and theres more traffic etc

no it wont…

my bike is registered at my cousins house as he has a garage, but it is always parked at my house, my insurance company know this, and are fine with it, it just means my excess goes up, wich is fine with me.

dont be so para about it, if its well locked up and alarmed it should be fine, if pro thieves want your bike, one way or the other they will get it, its partly why we are insured!:smiley: