A Question to you all!!

Hiya folks me again!

Im off for a few weeks to fix helicopters in that oily and dusty place, where saddam and his cronies used to rock.

As internet use is limeted/non existant!, i thought i would ask you all a question before i go so i have somthing to chew on when i eventually get to a computer!!

Right then, i have just bought a new nakano arai lid and looks the nuts!, but ive asked about the place as to where the eyes on top of his helmet originate from (see picture) and ive had a couple of answers, one is that its a race school from japan and you earn the eyes, the other is that it was from a bike racer from the 60’s whom wore them and then passed them over to different riders who then pass them on once they have finished with them..


hugznkisses and see you in a few weeks for a drink at a newbie night which i keep meaning to attend!!! apologies it will happen




It was John Cooper who used to race back in the 60’s with the big eyes on his lid.


id appreciate if you didn’t refer to my country, in that way.

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Yup spot on! Alot of people in the 60s used to stick the eyes on there lids to replicate it

But it IS dusty, dirty and full of camel s**t!! bit like essex,…except change camel for horse ???

ok uncalled for, topic edited.

Anyway, the point is, why has and/or where do the eyes come from on nakano’s helmet?

any idea’s


Japanese manga cartoons - simple as that.

Comes from a team in the all japan 250 series. After you ride for the team you keep the eyes it’s like a japanese honour thing. Naoki Matsudo has the eyes to…