A question for our Boys in Blue

Can one of you please satisfy my curiosity.On my travels I see a lot of cars in London with foreign plates, some of which, ie German and Swedish displaying expired road tax on these plates.The car’s got no TuV or AU on it and as such would be de-registered in their own country.

My question is… Do the police have any way of verifying the legality of these foreign plated cars? As the cars have no TuV or AU on, they are probably not even insured either.

also… I see cars with arabic plates with squiggles for numbers/letters. How an you possibly check on something like that if you don’t know what the squiggles mean?

my two pence…

i say…anyone evading mot’s…road tax…speed camera fines…ect…by having foreign plates on should have there lights put through…on a regular basis

make the b_astard cheats pay some how…


I’d go one further and improve the ANPR cameras by adding Rocket Launchers;):smiley:

I have’nt got a clue,should know really.I will ask any ex black rats we have knocking around.I see quite a few of the rich arabs driving around Mayfair with these plates and wonder about the plates!!!

of course…the obligatory tire slash would’nt go amiss either me boy!!!

god this almost makes my nose bleed!!!


Any fool can see that the plate is AAD 783! :slight_smile:

Oops! Just edited to reflect that Arabic is written right to left! :):slight_smile:

My girl lives in Mayfair and as soon as the English summer starts the foreign plates start to appear all over the place, I say good luck to them, get away with whatever you can before our movement finds away of raping you for even more money, like congestion charging for bikes and those electric WIZ cars as now there are to many people buying greener vehicles.

If you can get away with it then do, just don’t bitch if your ever court.

crikey fellas!! I love havin foreign plates in italy - fully taxed MOT’d and insured - but not having to worry about spped traps is a joy! Jealousy is a terrible thing :wink: oh and leave my lights/tyres alone lol:P

You may be taxed and insured but I know for certain that many of these German plates aren’y as the TUV stickers have been taken off the number plate:w00t:

My concern is where would you stand if such a vehicle was to hit your bike/car?:crazy:

Youd b srewed wouldnt you? No insurance - same thing irrespective of what country the vehicle is from I would think

aren’t they inline for a fixed penalty notice for non-conforming number plates? ie plate colour/size font etc? obviously if they are here on holiday/within the allowable time before mandatory registration within the UK, then no harm in it. If the APNR cameras get hits on a number outside of that period then surely its not beyound the wit of the councils to impound/clamp the vehicle is it ? oh just read that back! it wouldn’t be cost effective :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: