A puff up yer dirty whistle rideout.

Leave the Ace at 9.30 with a full tank.

Heading north for some roads we love, a pub lunch and a visit to see Thomas the Tank engine:)

Normal rules apply. (no nobbers etc… Ride at your own risk etc… back before dark:)… cornerman system employed…)

Not suitable for 125s, sorry but can`t be helped.:wink:

Depends on the details boyo. I’m overdue a good rideout. I’m 80/20 not out on the Sunday but if I am then I dont care where we go :smiley:

As long as I got lunch and fuel then I’m game.

Frosty snowman massive No: 003 :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jets No: 001 + 002):wink:

lol, coughed up my morning tea after reading the title of this rideout “A puff up yer dirty whistle rideout.”

So, the lunch break is going to be at a Spicy Indian “Curry” joint in Edinburgh :smiley:

Would love to go but must find someone willing to take me pillion first :frowning:

Trying to work the date round a possible visit to the bike show so timing/date not decided yet.

I don’t mean it like that!!! I’m talkin 300milers!!:DThanks to the Jets, Junior has just ticked over 20 000 miles. I have promised her that I’d take her our for a pint of oil and then a good shaggin afterwards:P:D"Foot in mouth syndrome" massive No: 1 :P:P:P

:P:hehe: you crack me up jaime

timR, you know we love you. the airstrip we went to the other day was a super fab!

:crying: :pinch: Sometimes I’nm such an ass:P

OI thats my phrase :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Update:This ride will now take place on Sunday 6 Feb. Details to follow soon

DayFromUntilTempFeelsUVRainCloudDirSpeedGustWeatherSun 6 Feb0:002:599 °c7 °c00.2 mm94 %11 mph14 mph3:005:599 °c6 °c00.4 mm97 %16 mph19 mph6:008:599 °c6 °c00.1 mm100 %17 mph21 mph9:0011:5910 °c7 °c00.3 mm100 %19 mph22 mph12:0014:5911 °c7 °c10.0 mm94 %19 mph23 mph15:0017:5911 °c4 °c10.0 mm83 %16 mph19 mph18:0020:598 °c5 °c00.1 mm98 %16 mph19 mph

Glad to see someone paid attention in Geography;):D:D

I lould like to join you all on this one, the hse is sorted and on the market, the bike is A1, so if all goes well :smiley:

Oooh, see you Sunday mate, not seen you for ages:)

i might be up for this, what day u going to the bike show as i want/need to make plans!!

That reminds me, Mr-C and myself must be due our rideout or was there an expiry date to it :wink:

No expiry date … we were waiting for you:kiss: (but it will be lovely when the blossom is on the fruit trees):slight_smile:

Subject to Postman Pat arriving on time we’re going to see the bike show on Saturday but will be riding out to see the Fat Controller on Sunday:D(Both trips not suitable for children under 18)

Been off the road for 50 days … and 76 sleeps till I go and pick up my new baby … not that I’ve been counting … or crawling the walls. Much.:smiley: