A positive couple of days

Since the lockdown started, I have been out just the once and that was just to post a letter.

Anyway, yesterday, went over to my buddies garage to get the MOT done on the Mrs car.

All the staff are on lockdown except 2 of the guys, Steve who is doing MOT’s and Nick who is doing repairs and non urgent servicing.

The system they have in place works really well, and it was good to get the second car done rather than apply the extension as I know that 1, the car is safe and legal, and 2, I have not got to bugger around in a few months time getting it booked in.

So that was the first result

Then today, off to the Doctors for my INR blood test. In and out in less than five minutes (compared to the usual 30 minute wait just to get to see the Nurse), so 2nd result. They even gave me a free face mask :slight_smile:

All this fresh air over the past few days however is making me feel quite heady and at least I have not forgotten how to drive :wink:

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I’m getting so much work done down the man-cave since the lockdown! And the roads are quiet enough to make cycling safer again. It’s great.

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