A peek at my BCR bike



looks really nice! What make are those mirrors?

The make is STRADA, very compact and look awesome . Set up back 114 bucks from eBay

a single racefit bollox to that your ears must bleed :smiley:

very nice!!

Very nice beast :wink:

It does hurt, even with the killer in place.

Very nice! Looks like a proper… beast! :slight_smile:

You were sat on it in Brugge …

I took my racefit off until the next play day fitted the microns back on

Lovely mate, sounds wicked too :cool:

The video does nothing to convey the real menace, its properly scary! :unsure: Just like the pilot!:stuck_out_tongue:


What on earth are you trying to say …coming from someone who likes to touch his bars with his shin whilst trying to put his arse on the Tarmac around corners and whistling Dixie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Chang thanks for the backup BUDDY :disappointed_relieved:

I was indeed! Mounted it without your permission :stuck_out_tongue:
Now I’ve changed my opinion about it and am keeping it as an option for my next bike… Damn you!

I’m trying to say that "YOU ARE WHAT YOU RIDE!, a beast! :stuck_out_tongue: And given how you describe how I ride, I’m well placed to proffer my tuppence worth!!! :smiley:

Fair dinkum G. But is does make me chuckle watching you around corners:D

It is a beast and you have to be a bit of a mad man to buy one James. No offence it’s just the first bike that I wouldn’t ride because i would have nightmares afterwards:crying:

Hahaha well said, I’ll have to come on the next Sunday cruise to tone it down😄